Friday, 4 July 2014

The most beautiful car ever?

What has he gone mad? How can a close to $30,000 car be a bottom dweller? Doesn’t this just ruin the whole authenticity of this website?
Well… Probably… But the point I want to make is Karmann Ghias are bottom dwellers. No really.
The aesthete once described them at Volkswagen for Porsche Money (Check out his wonderful website here: but I disagree. The karmann Ghia is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. As such, even at the typically excessive prices for the best: they are still cheap in the world of bespoke car design. Lets face whats prettier? A 365 porsche is as pretty, a early 911 comes close, then what a Ferrari GTO? An E-type a D-Type? More fluent overall but not as nice in the detailing. A karmann Ghia  simply has perfect curves. I was studying a friends the other day, (and not a $30k one) and from every angle they look good. The lines of these cars still look fresh after all these years. They are timeless they are stylish. Driving round Auckland or any other major city in the world a Karmann Ghia holds it’s own on any Boulevard. No matter how much money you have You cant buy a better looking car, One as good looking  yes,  but not one better looking. Are you with my drift. Just study the lines next time you see one. They are beguiling, they drag you in like a stylistic black hole, they are probably the most addictive shape on 4 wheels and lets face it all for a lot less than anything else as remotely as beautiful.
Actually Ghias in New Zealand start around the $5 mark almost standard classic prices Check out this one on trade me a few months ago . and you can import a left hooker from the US for not much more. (where most of them went) Of course their dynamics of driving  can easily be beaten by just about any sports or drivers car. Still they have their own charms and really they are delightful to drive in their own way. And  very livable for a classic… with a nice feel, great torque and half decent handling, thanks to a low centre of gravity. Still, it’s when you get out, you remember what all the fuss is about. It is truly beautiful. There’s  something about driving a truly beautiful car. I am glad they are beautiful, I’m glad they are around on our roads, There are still enough slightly scruffy ones that adorn our streets to remind us that beauty is not the sole property of the elite.