Sunday, 6 July 2014

Happy as a pig in Mud!

Now I need nine grand! Or help depending on how you see things. Time for another session at my local automotive anonymous group. You may laugh. Well it’s like this: The Riley would be the project (even through I don’t believe in restoration)I’ve always wanted one. Look that grill, look at that front (its going to be cerulean blue with a white top) The lancia would be for everyday, its perfect, gorgeous every time you step into, lovely Giugiaro lines, can’t help looking at when parked. For a midweek treat I would take the Fiat. For the joy of every corner, I’m driving a Dino man! (without the hassles) and of course the weekend would be the Sunbeam-Talbot – Svelt glory, presence on the road, stunning lines. Life is so good. What a great week on trade me. Looks like it’s never been a better time to buy a classic. Bottom dwellers rule.