Sunday, 25 May 2014

This weeks wonders

Talbot Alpine
One of the prolific cars of the 1980s, highly under estimated, the Chrysler Alpine was a derivation of the Simca 1100 which in time became the Chrysler horizon, Dodge Omini, and a variation of the chrysler charger. Millions were sold. In europe it became the Peugeot 309
This gorgeous example can be yours for $850
For: Great handling front wheel drive, long lived mechanics, adjustable suspension, heaps of parts still available, this model has power steering. pleasantly economical. Valient owners will hate you, and so luckily will Hillman owners. you're bound to lose money on it.
Against: Tappity motor. Wont blow your socks off
Bottom dweller ratings:5/5

Ford Sierra Wagon
New Zealand was lucky to have these imported as Ford NZ couldn't quite let go of its stunning success with the Cortina. (which it replaced). Only wagons for us though. Still they were great. Good power, good economy, heaps of room and handling 20 years ahead of any japanese car.

For: Great car, fantastic to drive, eats miles, 40mpg on a trip (30mpg towing) Very comfortable, Even styling ahead of its time.Pinto engine.
Against: Largely forgotton. where have they all gone? Its not american.
Bottom dweller rating: 2/5 (still has monocum of respectabilty)

Marina Coupe
You often wonder how a country that made such superb cars as the  Triumph and Rover 2000s, the e-type and the Mini lose its car industry. Well by making things like this! With antiquated morris minor suspension the marina coupe was designed by the mail clerk after the office party.

For: Makes communist  models such as ladas seem like elegant luxury, Only 1300, so you couldnt get into that much trouble (In oz you could buy a 2600cc version in which you could) A great reason for not hiring a britsh CEO.
Against:Makes you want to defect
Bottom dweller rating: 1/5 (If I managed not to have it crushed I'd secretly enjoy it like wearing your socks in the bath).