Sunday, 8 June 2014

Two on trade-me this week

Who says you need money to own a great classic in New Zealand. These Alfas are wonderful cars, great handling and good looking and cheap to buy. A facsimile of a Alfas traditional twin cam (albeit with a fiat block) with twin spark plugs (an old Alfa thing) you could also opt for a V6. But the twin cam looks the part without all those awful timing chain rattles of the traditional motor. These were seen to be  the best looking of the Type 4 cars, with a body shared with Lancia,Fiat and Saab. I would begg to differ , I know of a Blue Lancia Thema which is pretty gorgeous as well. 
 Made sexy my Juillette Binoche in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s movie: Three Colours; Blue. Where the car (ironically green) actually crashes (it is fiction). Still , luckily Juilette survives, later to have sex squashed against a fish tank. But it’s a great movie and a great car once you get into that 80s Pininfarina asethetic..
For: Cheap, big, exotic and wonderful, Owner’s of earlier  alfas will scorne you. V6 motor ended up in nearly every non german european car, so plenty of spare motors around.
Against: Some of the more liberal earlier Alfa owners may deign to talk to you. Styling vaguely remminiscent of 2 –litre ice cream container.
Bottom dweller rating 4/5 (not many under a grand yet)