Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ford Ka's hit bottom dweller status!

Which just goes to show if you wait long enough everything passes through here. Finally Ford's masterpiece has is available for reasonable money here. Recently Kas have sold as low as $900 and $1300 bucks on Trade me, well in to bottom dweller territory. This is the most exciting news on the altenate classic car movement for years and heralds a whole new era for bottom dwelling. Now you can have everything!
Why (you might ask) is this such exciting news?
Simply because the Ka is one of the best driver's cars around. If you driven one you'll already know what I mean, if you havent, one of lifes great motoring treats still awaits you. The Ford ka is one of those cars that you can just wind up, hurl into any corner and still expect to live. I don't know what it is about it but it just encourages speeding up for corners.This diminuative little car gives the driver a feeling of superb control, with its rigid body frame the whole car stays one harmoneous object as it sails round the tightest curve. Its willing too. Those used to the sluggish response of modern 6speed squential boxes will be blown away by that old fashioned 'press the accelerator and go' sort of performance.Its so old school. Of course the engine is good and bad, nowhere as smooth and balanced as modern japanese engines this ridiculous unit is nothing more than the 50 year old Ford kent engine dumped from the Cortina range in the sixties (and the escort in the 70s). Still it has that old fashioned thing called Torque and while it can't wind out, its all go at 3000rpm! You might ask how do I know this...well all kas are fitted with a sonic tachometer. i.e you listen to the engine as it howls! Which is good, as one complaint about the Ka is, it has few other intrusments to look at; a speedo and a fuel gauge (which you dont really need because it doesn't really use any). Still you soon find yourself admiring that quirky interior, Falcon sized doors, tiny little hatchback. its a cute package, quirky almost sporty, almost good looking. But who cares, anything that handles this well, has this much 'driver feel' can be forgiven any aesthetic crime. These cars are a classic, the real cla$$ic car market will (of course) ignore them, but here at bottom dweller true enlightenment takes different forms, and these little cars are just gorgeous.