Sunday, 22 June 2014

All square round here!

I'm on a theme here, you can tell! Fiat square rigged Saloons from th 60s and 70s, marvellous things! Boxy boxy styling that whilst never pretty or sexy has stood the test of time and even looks quite pleasant, besides if you wanted something beautiful you brought the coupe didn't you! They weren't that more expensive. This 128 saloon is a rare thing at this price, Fraser always told me how good his 128 saloons had been to him, I never listened, but I'd want one now.
For: Despite only 1100cc, lots of brio, four doors and excellent handling, what a marvellous little classic, Doesn't seem much rust.problems for such a car.
Against; what can you say the colour? if it has rust problems it would have dissolved by now.
Bottom dweller status; 5/5
Arguably a bit out of bottom dweller price range and almost a classic. But whats it doing here at $4k and no takers. 125s are gorgeous saloons, if not in looks then in every inch of their sporty utilitarian practicality. Twin cam motor can be as smooth as silk ( I was forever grinding the starter when it was going on my one) and wheel spin in second gear. These babies really want to go! In my opinion as good a car as an alfa, certainly as good looking (sorry Michael) and the engine is a dam sight quieter and less expensive to fix. back in the early eighties boy racers as we were then (but not called so) could not afford escorts, maybe stretch to a Hunter, BMWs were for pratts at $6k plus and alfas where ridiculous. At the time you could pick up a good NZ made Fiat 125 for $2k (oh life was so hard!) which was cheap for great handling and performance. So 4k for this is pretty good.
For: Superb classic saloon, at least as good as if not better than its contemporaries, Lovely to drive. The car you should have married. The colour!
Against; Remembering your 125 (now I want it) although my suspension fell off due to terminal rust!
bottom dweller rating: 3/5 close but has moved out of range.
From the sublime to the ridiculous? well its the same thing really, only better built! Thicker steel and better rust treatment, a deal from the dairy board these things sold like hot cakes in NZ. great Fiat dynamics but tempered with stalinist sobriety. Still better than other communist fair (Marinas, princesses and allegros) we had to put up with!
For nearly all the virtues of the 125 but lacking the thoroughbred qualities of the original, Great price, nice colour, honest, A classic without snob appeal, so much nicer than a morris minor!
Against: Great for commuting round the Gulag Archipelago!
Bottom dweller Status; 4/5